Watch Adam Savage And Chris Hadfield Walk Comic-Con Floor In Some Amazing Space Suits


Adam Savage is one of our most beloved makers and real astronaut Chris Hadfield is a modern Earth hero. Together they make one of the funnest sets of fake astronauts in all of San Diego.

Every year Savage dresses up as Adam Incognito and walks the show floor at Comic-Con. Hiding inside complex costumes, Savage is nearly unrecognizable until he takes off his mask or helmet. This year, to muddy the waters, he invited noted interstellar guitarist Hadfield to join him on the walk.

The pair wore suits designed to look like the blue and silver outfits worn by the astronauts in charge of investigating at the magnetic anomaly in the Tycho crater. Savage being Savage, the suits are almost perfect replicas of the on-screen versions and even featured a powerful cooling system to keep them both from boiling as they walked the show floor.


In short, this shows just how dedicated Savage is to his craft and how fun it is to make cool things and share them with people – a defining concept in the hardware startup movement.

via io9