Collective Health

Collective Health nabs $110 million in funding

Enterprise health management startup Collective Health has added another $110 million to the coffers from existing high-profile investors such as Founders Fund and Alphabet's investment arm GV, brin

Amazon’s new healthcare company could give smaller healthtech players a boost

JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway have joined forces with Amazon to form a new healthcare company for all U.S. employees. Details are sparse; there's not even a name associated with the new compan

The next wave of transformative digital health

Digital healthcare investing has gone through several waves: 2013 was the year of consumer wearables, 2014 of healthcare big data, 2015 of virtual care delivery and 2016, so far, has been about payer

Collective Health Closes On $81 Million, Adds Google Ventures To List Of High-Profile Investors

Enterprise health insurance services platform Collective Health has raised a healthy $81 million in Series C funding to help the startup continue to grow its team, as well as cover the U.S. market. Al

Venture Capital Is Trying To Heal The Healthcare System

Venture capitalists are on a mission to heal the ailing U.S. healthcare system, and big data might just be the right prescription. Healthcare costs in the U.S. have gone up over 130% in the last decad

Collective Health Wants To Replace The Health Insurance Industry With A Software Program

“Did you know you can actually negotiate and get a better deal at the doctor’s office if you offer to pay up front?” co-founder and CEO of Collective Health Ali Diab asks. He’d