SAP Acquires Coghead's Technology As It Looks Towards The Cloud

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Coghead Grinds To A Halt, Heads To The Deadpool

<a href=""><img src="" class="shot2" /></a> <a href="">Coghead</a>, a visual web-based application editor

Watch Out Salesforce. Intuit Opens Up QuickBase To Developers

Intuit wants in on the race to become the platform for enterprise apps in the cloud. It is opening up QuickBase to developers who want to build new hosted Web applications and businesses on top of it.

Bungee Labs Takes $8 Million Series C

Bungee Labs has raised $8 million Series C in a round that included Wasatch Venture Fund and existing investors North Bridge Venture Partners and Venrock Associates. Orem, Utah based Bungee Labs offer

Bungee Connect Launches Ambitious New Online Development Product

Yeah, we’ve seen a ton of online application builders before – DabbleDB, Zoho Creator, LongJump, Coghead and WyaWorks, among others. And Salesforce weighed in with their own in l To Offer DaaS Service, New Pricing Model, Competition

CRM and SaaS provider have announced that there Cloud Computing Architecture (our review here) is to now offer Development-as-a-Service (DaaS), a new pricing structure and a d

Coghead 2.0: Built on Adobe Flex, Hosted By Amazon

Today, Coghead is introducing the 2.0 version of its DIY, Web-based, enterprise-application development service. The site boasts a new user interface (screen shots below) based on Adobe Flex, with 50

Coghead Pursues Platform Strategy With Launch Of Affiliates Program

Every company in Silicon Valley wants to become a platform for other companies to build cool stuff on top of. It is the easiest way to attract customers. Coghead—the DIY, Web-based, business-app bui

LongJump's Library Of Customizable Business Apps

We last wrote about LongJump back in June when their business application platform launched. Like Coghead, DabbleDB, Zoho Creator, WyaWorks, and SalesForce’s, LongJump lets programming

Salesforce Enters Custom Application Market With

Salesforce will enter the custom software market next week with the launch of Force (site will go live Monday morning), a new platform that will allow developers to create database driven applications

Coglets Bring Easy Data Driven Apps to Your Web Page

Coghead is launching a new product today called Coglets. For an overview of this space in general, see this post where we talk about some of Coghead’s competitors. Previous Coghead coverage is h

Coghead Announces 17,000 Developers Building Applications Visually

Silicon Valley based Coghead is making a bit of a splash today at the Web 2.0 Expo. They’re officially launching, although it’s largely ceremonial: they’ve been open to the public si

Coghead Goes Live: Build Applications Visually

The online application building space is one that is getting more interesting by the week. We have previously reviewed a number of apps in this space (sometimes referred to as the ‘online access