Coglets Bring Easy Data Driven Apps to Your Web Page

cogheadlogo.jpgCoghead is launching a new product today called Coglets. For an overview of this space in general, see this post where we talk about some of Coghead’s competitors. Previous Coghead coverage is here.

Coglets let you embed any Coghead application you make on a web page. Coghead applications are database driven applications for inputting and outputting information from a database, created in a WYSIWYG interface aimed at tech savvy non-programmers. Coglets let you can expose bits of these programs, such as input and output, on your site with a single line of embed code.

With Coglets you’re able to do things like build an application that accepts and processes submissions, easily exposing an input form to applicants, an admin panel to administrators, and a table view of the completed data for everyone else. There are some examples of how people have been using them here (one emulates TechCrunch 20’s submission forms).

The applications are more than just input and output though, because you can specify rules and permissions for the program to carry out depending on the data it’s handling. For example, making it so that submissions have to be approved before being processed by another user. Because the applications are hosted, it also takes concerns of scaling off your hands.

A Coghead account costs about $49/month for five users. The new Coglets will cost $20 for each part of the application you want to embed, and will serve an unlimited number of users.

Here’s a demo of Coglets on the iPhone: