cloud hosting

Scaleway launches block storage

Cloud hosting company Scaleway is adding a new service today — block storage. Consumers will be able to purchase additional storage, attach that volume to a cloud instance and use it for a database

Scaleway refreshes entry-level cloud instances

Cloud-hosting company Scaleway is upgrading its entry-level instances today. These instances are now all equipped with DDR4 ECC RAM, NVMe SSD storage and AMD EPYC CPUs. As INpact Hardware noted, the c

DigitalOcean gives you more RAM and storage for the same price

Cloud hosting company DigitalOcean is launching some new price offerings today. In particular, the company is also upgrading its basic $5 droplet instances with better specs for the first time in year

DigitalOcean launches block storage and lets you store terabytes of data

<a target="_blank" href="">DigitalOcean</a> has become a popular cloud hosting provider <a href="">over the years</a>. But many cust