South Korean home cleaning startup Miso sweeps up $8 million Series A

South Korean home cleaning service Miso wants to leave its competition in the dust after raising an $8 million Series A. Led by AddVenture, with participation from returning investors Y Combinator, Fu

Korean On-Demand Cleaning Startup WaHome Scores $1M In Seed Funding

WaHome, a Seoul-based on-demand home cleaning service, has landed $1 million in seed funding, which it will use to hire more engineers, build features for its Android and iOS apps, and launch in more

Handy Raises $50M Led By Fidelity, Reportedly At $500M Valuation, To Clean Up In Home Services

There has been consolidation, collapse and other troubles among some on-demand home services startups, but others seem to be cleaning up in their wake. Handy -- a platform for on-demand housekeeping a

Handy In Talks To Acquire Homejoy As Home Service Startups Consolidate

As more startups rush into the business of providing on-demand services for our every consumer need, we’re also seeing an inevitable move to some consolidation. In the latest development, Handy

Rocket Internet’s Helpling Mops Up $17M For Its Cleaners-On-Demand Service

Helpling, the Rocket Internet-backed cleaner-on-demand service, has tidied in a nice little sum of its own after announcing $17 million in fresh funding. Investors in this Series A round include Mangr

Handybook Hoovers Up Exec For “Under $10M” To Sweep The Home Services Market

Justin Kan launched Exec in early 2012 as an on-demand errand service for businesses, but over time, morphed into a cleaning service to focus on its most popular offering. Unable to scale “Erran

Handybook Hoovers Up $10M To Bring Its On-Demand Cleaning And Household Services To 5 New Cities

Are you unhappy with your cleaning service? Your local handyman? Thanks to the advance of the Web and adoption of mobile services, a handful of startups have popped up to take advantage of an opening

Exec Drops Prices For Its Home Cleaning Service By 25 Percent

<a target="_blank" href="">Exec</a> says that it's dropping prices for its home cleaning service in all nine markets by 25 percent. Founder and CEO Justin Kan told me that cus

Exec Expands Its House-Cleaning Service To New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago And Boston

Starting a service that lets people request real-life humans to do tasks for them or clean up their apartment is no small feat. Exec’s founder and CEO, Justin Kan, set out to build a service tha

Uber For Maids: GetMaid Launches Its On-Demand, Premium Maid Service In New York

Like <a target="_blank" href="">Airbnb</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Uber</a> has spawned a subset of startups that are looking to capitalize on the succe

Want To Pitch A VC While He Cleans Your House? Exec And Shervin Pishevar Thought So

<a target="_blank" href="">Exec</a>, which is a service focused on San Francisco professionals, does all types of tasks for you at pretty decent rates. I've used the service to

SpotlessCity Will Pick Up Your Soiled, Dirty Laundry

<a href="">SpotlessCity</a> launched in January and is just now building up steam to disrupt the entire "going to the laundry" industry. Built by Sonny Bajwa and his Brook

If you’re going to buy a desk vacuum, it might as well be a Zamboni

<img src="">Now that you’re aware of this Zamboni desk vacuum’s existence, to buy any other desk vacuum would be downright silly, w

Autonomous office cleaning robot

<img src="" /> Japanese conglomerates <a href="">Fuji Heavy Industries</a>, <a href="http://www.sumitomo

Observe these delicious ravioli sponges

<img src="">If you're standing up, you better find a place to sit down because I'm about to blow your mind. These are sponges that

Fukitorimushi: Panasonic's creepy cleaning robot (video)

<img src="" /> The so-called Fukitorimushi ("wipe-up bug" in Japanese), a cleaning robot of a very special kind, has been

‘Baby Mop’ cleans floors with crawl power!

<img src="">Truly a two-birds-with-one-stone product, the Baby Mop concept seems to be a divisive topic. Some people seem to think it’

iRobot has two new Roombas for your cleaning needs: One for pets, one for offices

Sorta like this, but not really because iRobot still doesn’t have the proper photos up yet IRobot has a couple of new Roombas for you pet owners. Two, to be exact. There’s the Pet Series V

Cyber Clean keyboard cleaning spooge

This gummy stuff will clean your keyboard and even disinfect it with one fell plop. At about $20 it’s not cheap – and not available in the U.S. but I definitely could use some on my groddy

ReadyBot: R2D2 + Rosie from the Jetsons + Roomba

I’m not quite ready for the responsibility of robot ownership, but for those of you that are ready, the aptly-named ReadyBot might be right up your alley. It’s only in the proof-of-concept stage r
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