• With a $16M Series A, listens to your sales calls to help your team close deals

    With a $16M Series A, listens to your sales calls to help your team close deals

    Just about everyone can benefit from an extra ear listening in at the right time. And while an ear dedicated to helping me remember the items my housemate asked me to pickup at the store last week has yet to be commercialized into a startup, is riffing off the concept to deliver a solution to help sales teams close more deals. The Chorus team is announcing a $16 million Series… Read More

  • An Incubator From Down Under: Meet StartMate's First Batch of Aussie Startups

    Last year, a group of Australian startup veterans and executives created Startmate, a seed fund and incubator designed to provide small, early-stage investment and hands-on mentoring to local startups. Bringing the Y Combinator model to Australia, Startmate chooses 5 startups to participate in its 3-month incubator program. It then seeds those 5 companies with $25,000 and offers them access to… Read More

  • Chorus Reveals Its Most Socially-Recommended iPhone Apps In November

    Chorus, the recently launched iPhone app that helps you discover other apps, is revealing the most recommended apps from their community. Developed by envIO Networks, Chorus is sort of like a mobile social network based around the apps that your friends have downloaded and lets you tap into your existing social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to share with your friends. The app… Read More

  • Chorus Delivers Customized App Recommendations To Your iPhone

    With close to 100,000 iPhone applications now available on the App Store, finding the ones the ones that you will actually enjoy and use can be difficult. There are other apps and sites that offer a resource for you to find and share popular apps, and even present customized recommendations, such as AppsFire, 16 Apps or Sidebar, which we recently wrote about here. But what about tapping into… Read More

  • Review: Golla Chorus 15.4-inch laptop sleeve

    [photopress:scaled.IMG_1629.JPG,full,pp_image] In the long, storied history of bag reviews (see Mark Twain’s What Shall I Put In My New Canvas Sack? from the January 1897 issue of Harper’s Monthly for an example of the proto-bag review), it has been the journalist’s imperative to offer a fair and intelligent comparison of the “usefulcasity” of the bag when compared… Read More