Chorus Delivers Customized App Recommendations To Your iPhone

With close to 100,000 iPhone applications now available on the App Store, finding the ones the ones that you will actually enjoy and use can be difficult. There are other apps and sites that offer a resource for you to find and share popular apps, and even present customized recommendations, such as AppsFire, 16 Apps or Sidebar, which we recently wrote about here. But what about tapping into your social graph to help find the apps that are popular amongst your friends? Enter Chorus— a free iPhone app that helps you discover apps with the people you trust most – your friends.

Chorus, which is developed by envIO Networks, is sort of like a mobile social network based around the apps that your friends have downloaded. The app features real-time feeds from your designated friends (those who have also downloaded Chorus and whom you have friended) displaying the apps they are downloading, and what they are saying about them in the app.

Chorus uses a proprietary Social Genome technology to match your favorite apps against those your friends use, building a personalized and relevant list of recommended apps. Chorus will also ask your a series of questions to determine the types of apps your like. And you can share your favorite apps through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and also invite them to test out Chorus.

Chorus also aggregates opinions of tech experts via its AppMavens service and features AppMavens’ reviews and ratings from trusted app reviewers from leading review sites. The app also offers a desktop application that will sync to your iTunes account and and iPhone to update your Chorus app with all of your apps.

The app seems useful to tap into your friend’s recommendations but I am also a fan of Sidebar’s app as well (which has not been released yet). After learning about both apps, I find myself wishing that they could be combined into one app that offers both friend and personalized recommendations, content