• Low-Cost Cherrypad Android Tablet Not So Low-Cost Anymore

    You may remember the Cherrypad, a sub-$200 Android tablet that, while receiving less-than-stellar reviews, still sold a few units out of sheer cheapness. The latest version of this budget device, however, isn’t so budget. The specs have gone up, and with them, the price. Read More

  • CherryPad Review Is Less Than Enthusiastic

    CherryPal will be the first to admit that the CherryPad is a low-end device. I mean, getting a fully-functional Android device under $200 is a task, though the numbers of such devices are beginning to swell. But when just a few more dollars could get you a Archos 70 or even a Nook Color, I wonder whether cutting the price that far produces much more in the way of value. According to this… Read More

  • Cherrypal's Cherrypad Gives You Android For Under $200

    You may be familiar with Cherrypal, maker of super-low-cost Android computers. They started out quite a while back with what was essentially a smartphone in a tiny box, and have since put together a couple netbooks, including one for $99. Well, they’re back with a new design, and surprise! It’s a tablet! Read More

  • Cherrypal to ship $99 Android-based netbook

    We haven’t heard from Cherrypal in a while; they’re the company that makes ultra-low-end computers for the developing world market. Remember when the OLPC market wanted to do a hundred-dollar laptop? Well, it looks like Cherrypal is actually doing it. Read More

  • Cherrypal launches netbook line, Bing

    A GreenMaraschino Bing netbook. Really? Are all the Cherrypal models (assuming they stay in business) going to carry names stemming from various cherries? Moving on. The Bing is powered by an N720 Intel Atom proc. Cherrypal claims that the Bing is the “fastest, most affordable and least power consuming Intel Atom N270 based netbook on the market.” The Bing comes in a Windows XP… Read More

  • Cherrypal: A lean, green, cloud-oriented machine

    It doesn’t look exciting, really, but it’s worth considering that as people move their entire computer experience online, the local footprint of a personal computer gets smaller and smaller, until eventually it’s this. The Cherrypal is ridiculously underpowered: a 400MHz processor, 256mb of RAM, 4GB of space (used pretty much exclusively for the OS and Firefox), and the… Read More

  • CherryPal: Tiny, low-powered, Linux-based PC

    This particular news item slipped through the cracks at CrunchGear’s world news headquarters earlier this week, but here it is nonetheless. This little box is called the CherryPal PC and it’ll be here in the third quarter of this year, according to a recent press release. The company won’t say when it’ll be here, exactly, but judging from the above graphic, I’m… Read More