• Low-Cost Cherrypad Android Tablet Not So Low-Cost Anymore

    You may remember the Cherrypad, a sub-$200 Android tablet that, while receiving less-than-stellar reviews, still sold a few units out of sheer cheapness. The latest version of this budget device, however, isn’t so budget. The specs have gone up, and with them, the price. Read More

  • CherryPad Review Is Less Than Enthusiastic

    CherryPal will be the first to admit that the CherryPad is a low-end device. I mean, getting a fully-functional Android device under $200 is a task, though the numbers of such devices are beginning to swell. But when just a few more dollars could get you a Archos 70 or even a Nook Color, I wonder whether cutting the price that far produces much more in the way of value. According to this… Read More

  • CherryPad Orders Unfulfilled, Customers Antsy

    The Android-powered CherryPad was supposed to amaze us all with its amazing features and low, low price of $188. That said, folks who ordered a CherryPad probably haven’t seen it yet even though news of the device first appeared in September and most CherryPads should have shipped already. One reader, WCS, wrote us saying that he expected his pad to ship on October 15. That date rolled… Read More