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  • Moot on How 4Chan Got Started

    (Founder Stories) Moot On The Origin Of 4Chan And The Evolution of Memes

    When Christopher Poole (aka Moot) was 15 years old, he founded the 4chan image board on an IRC channel with 20 people. Today, the site attracts about 12 million people a month and is the font of many of the Internet’s most pervasive memes, from Lolcats to Rickrolling. Moot doesn’t like to do video interviews, but after much pestering, Chris Dixon got him to come on Founder… Read More

  • When LOLs Collide: Cheezburger Network Buys Know Your Meme

    Meme catalogue website Know Your Meme has been swallowed by Ben Huh’s The Cheezburger Network this morning in a seven figure deal, Tubefilter’s Marc Hustvedt reports. The site, which has 3 million unique visitors per month and 20 million page views per month will be joining sites like Fail Blog, The Daily What and LOLmart in Cheezburger’s march towards total meme… Read More

  • Humor: The Brutal Work Conditions At The Cheezburger Network (Video)

    Pet Holdings, the company behind the Cheezburger Network – home to LOLcats, FAIL Blog, Totally Looks Like and other silliness – recently raised $30 million in funding. You would think everything is smooth sailing for the company and its CEO Ben Huh, and that its employees are all shiny and happy people these days, but nothing could be farther from the truth. This reveals a… Read More