Humor: The Brutal Work Conditions At The Cheezburger Network (Video)

Pet Holdings, the company behind the Cheezburger Network – home to LOLcats, FAIL Blog, Totally Looks Like and other silliness – recently raised $30 million in funding.

You would think everything is smooth sailing for the company and its CEO Ben Huh, and that its employees are all shiny and happy people these days, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

This reveals a hard-hitting report by, the Taiwanese news organization also responsible for breaking the news about Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently throwing ninja stars at airport personnel and Mark Zuckerberg’s alleged love affair with actor Justin Timberlake.

According to the report, Huh is known to hit Pet Holdings employees, depicted as cats in order not to reveal their true identity, with a stick to make them create content faster.

Sometimes, he’ll even throw them in the trash can. Sensitive viewers, be advised.

This for a man who apparently, as we can see in the beginning of the video report, had to literally lick an investor’s kneecaps to secure his $30 million.

No wonder some people want to hit the ‘Flame’ button on him. Funny no moar.