Archos 2010 lineup leaks (in Europe)

<img src="" />So the latest from Archos leaked recently at CeBIT 2010, the European electronics show. The 2010 Vision line showcase

The MP3 player turns 10

The MP3 player, bane of the RIAA and friend to commuters everywhere, was first unveiled in 1998. The first device with built-in MP3 decoding and dedicated storage was the SaeHan Information Systems&#8

CeBIT Highlight: University of Bremen's Brain-Computer Interface

CrouchGear Live at CeBIT 2008

Technovision's 205-inch LCD TV: How Big is Too Big?

TV obsessives take note: the fine folks at Technovision unveiled a 205-inch Luxio LCD TV at CeBIT. (And to think people were drooling over 108-inch TVs at CES earlier this year.) You may well need to

Transmit TV Signals Through Electrical Wires

A mighty German company has figured out a way to transmit television signals through the same wires that handle electricity. Devolvo demoed its creation a CeBIT, though for now the technology can only

CEBIT Preview: Laptops with Extending Displays

I remember seeing a concept model from Hitachi back in the ’90s (remember those?) that featured this type of craning display, but it took a decade for ECS to bring it to market. The Smart Neck l