ceatec 2010

  • Video: TDK's Amazing See-Through OLED Display Up And Close

    One of the highlights of this year’s CEATEC (a technology exhibition that took place in Japan earlier this month and which we covered extensively) was TDK’s booth. The company showed two prototypes of passive matrix mini OLED panels, one of which is transparent and the other flexible (like the one Sony showed earlier this year). Read More

  • Tablets With Back-Side Touch Interface? Here's KDDI's Prototype (Video)

    It’s not that tablets or similar devices with a back-side touch interface are a new idea. Samsung and Apple, for example, are apparently working on ideas in this area. But as far as I am aware, there aren’t too many videos around that show devices with a working rear-touch interface. At CEATEC 2010, Japan’s No. 2 mobile carrier KDDI has been showing a prototype. Read More

  • Report: Toshiba To Launch Naked-Eye 3D Laptops Next Year

    We can’t say we’re surprised: after unveiling the world’s first glasses-free 3D TVs last week, Japanese business daily The Nikkei recently reported that Toshiba is currently readying naked-eye 3D PCs. While the TVs will be released in Japan as early as December, big T is planning to launch the PCs, which will be marketed under the dynabook brand, sometime next year. Read More

  • CEATEC 2010 Exhibition In Japan: Our Round-up

    Earlier this week, CrunchGear was at CEATEC 2010, Asia’s biggest technology and electronics exhibition, which takes place yearly in Chiba (one hour away from Tokyo). All major Japanese electronics makers showcased their newest products (plus numerous prototypes) at the event, and we condensed 12 highlights from CEATEC into a long list after the jump. Click through for videos and more… Read More

  • CEATEC 2010: Eyes-on With Mitsubishi's Monster Diamond Vision OLED Display

    3D TVs that don’t require without glasses, short-focus projectors that work with touch screens and dual touchscreen phones: all these gadgets are currently being showcased at CEATEC 2010 in Japan, and all of these might be cool, but nothing can beat big sized screens. What you see on the picture (and in the video embedded below) is Mitsubishi’s so-called Diamond Vision OLED display. Read More

  • CEATEC 2010: Hitachi's Awesome LCD Projector Demo (Videos)

    Projectors might be great for movies and essential for presentations, but they are rarely sexy. A notable exception currently showcased at CEATEC 2010 is the ultra-short throw LCD projector (the follow-up model to the CP-A200) showcased at Hitachi’s booth or rather the combination of the device and a whiteboard with touch control. Read More

  • CEATEC 2010: Toshiba's Naked-Eye 3D TVs Up And Close (Video)

    There’s one company that won the CEATEC this year: Toshiba. Sure, their Android tablet is nice and all, but it’s nothing special. But what is attracting hundreds and hundreds of people to the Toshiba booth is the two naked-eye 3D TVs the company recently announced, the first of their kind. While all big electronics makers try to push their 3D TVs that require glasses, Toshiba… Read More

  • CEATEC 2010: A Look At Fujitsu's Windows 7 Tablet Prototypes

    Straight from the unicorn department: what you can see on these pictures are two tablet concepts Fujitsu is currently showing at CEATEC 2010 in Japan. The hardware looks quite nice in both cases, but the “devices” were not only hidden behind plexi-glass boxes but also not really working – not at all, actually. Fujitsu just used printed glossy paper for the screens. Read More

  • CEATEC 2010: Hands-on With Sharp's Android Phone IS03 (Video)

    Earlier this week, we blogged Sharp’s new Android phone, the IS03. On paper, the handset has a lot going for it: a nice 3.5-inch touchscreen with 960×640 resolution (same as the iPhone 4) with a combined memory LCD, a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, a 9.6MP CCD camera, Wi-Fi, and Android 2.1 as the OS. Read More