• Check-In Fatigue. Or, Why I'm Rooting For An All-Out Location War.

    Check-In Fatigue. Or, Why I'm Rooting For An All-Out Location War.

    I didn’t have the same problems at SXSW this year that some people did. Was it too crowded at some events? Sure. But there were plenty of alternative things to do. Did some of the keynotes bomb? Yes. But there were plenty of other things to listen to. Did AT&T fail? No. Actually, they did an awesome job keeping the network up. Instead, I had a problem of a different kind… Read More

  • SpotRank Is Skyhook's Intelligent Location Firehose. SimpleGeo Is The First To Wield.

    In terms of location data, few get more than Skyhook Wireless. The positioning technology is in use in tens of millions of devices around the globe, including, notably, on every iPhone. And now the company has a simple way for third-parties to tap into that data in a useful way. SpotRank gives developers access to hundreds of million of anonymous location entry points put into the Skyhook system. Read More

  • CauseWorld's New App Melds The Check-In With The Check-Out

    Last night, we wrote about a CauseWorld teaming up with TechCrunch to provide double karma points during the SXSW festival starting today in Austin, Texas. These points, obtained through checking-in at various locations, can be used to donate to charities through big brands that support the app. It’s a great feature, and we hope you’ll use it in Austin. What we didn’t talk… Read More

  • Check-In For Charity During SXSW With CauseWorld And TechCrunch

    Check-In For Charity During SXSW With CauseWorld And TechCrunch

    There are no shortage of location-based services launching this week at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Many of them allow you to “check-in” places to let others know you are there. So how do you differentiate between then and decide which to use? Well, here’s one good way. CauseWorld, is a free iPhone and Android app that lets you check-in places, but it has an added real-world… Read More

  • CauseWorld's Checkin For Charity Gets More Citi Money

    CauseWorld, a mobile app that lets users check in to retail shops for credits that can be donated to charity, is clearly on a roll. The app first launched in December as “the first mobile application that let’s you do good deeds simply for walking into a store.” CauseWorld app users earn “karma points” when they walk into stores and check in with their cell phone. Read More

  • CauseWorld Lets Users Give To Haiti Via Their iPhone

    CauseWorld (iTunes link), an iPhone app from Shopkick, is off to a strong start. They first launched in December, and they quickly got the coveted featured spot on the iTunes app store. Yesterday, they started letting users donate to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief. The application gives users karma points for checking in to certain retail stores. Those karma points can then be… Read More

  • CauseWorld Launches: Do Good Deeds Simply By Walking Into A Store

    Six months ago I wrote about a startup called Shopkick (it was then called MOBshop). The company won’t disclose much of what their eventual product will be, but they’ve attracted some of the most high profile investors in Silicon Valley: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Reid Hoffman. Here’s what CEO Cyriac Roeding will say about Shopkick which is scheduled to launch… Read More