Casemod like an Egyptian

<img src="" />We see so many corporate-looking casemods, overlit casemods, and steampunk casemods that the whole id

Now people are turning busted gaming consoles into casemods. That's just crazy talk!

Sure, they’re not as useful as some purpose-made cases, but these case mods are pretty cool. If your favorite gaming console bites the dust, you too could turn it into a PC with a little wire, g

NES mod puts NES into NES cartridge

This is one of the most fun casemods I’ve ever seen. Someone — apparently a Frenchman — was able to cram all the guts of an NES clone into a Super Mario Brothers cartridge shell. It&

Russian beer brewery case mod

I’m not quite sure where the beer goes in here, but this is apparently a steampunk casemod that allows you to brew beer AND play UT3 using the same device. For extra fun, read the comments at th

Casemod Coolness: Atari Laptop

While I’m of the mind that most casemods are a waste of time and money, every once in awhile someone comes up with something that gets my attention, like this Atari 600XL laptop made by a clever

Big, awesome, portable SNES casemod

If you’re still unsure of what to get the teen child of that giant who lives at the top of the beanstalk in your backyard for Xmas, you might want to try getting craft and make him something, li

Guitar + Laptop = Badass casemod

Your guitar is old and busted. Do you repaint it? Get a new guitar? Or figure out a way to cram your old laptop into it, making a guitar with an ever-changing face? If you’re a true nerd, you do

Newspaper Box Casemod is Cool, Useful

Casemods come and casemods go, and I can’t usually give a damn about them. Sure, they’re neat, your computer is really made of Legos. Awesome. But sometimes I come across one that’s

Scorched Earth Rock Mod

The boys over at got their hands on an Extreme 64 power notebook from Rock. In honor of Halloween, the case was modded to feature skulls on a rock-looking background. It came out looking

The Temple of Nod Mod

I don’t know what’s weirder: the fact that some of you geeks spend hours modding the cases of PCs that will be obsolete in 18 months, or that there isn’t a reality TV show on Bravo d