• Google launches its AI-powered jobs search engine

    Google launches its AI-powered jobs search engine

    Looking for a new job is getting easier. Google today launched a new jobs search feature right on its search result pages that lets you search for jobs across virtually all of the major online job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder and Facebook and others. Google will also include job listings its finds on a company’s homepage. The idea here is to give… Read More

  • The history of innovation in recruitment technology and services Crunch Network

    The history of innovation in recruitment technology and services

    2016 is a watershed moment for the recruitment industry. LinkedIn and Monster are being acquired, and CareerBuilder is for sale — three of the highest-profile tech companies in the space. Microsoft is making a grand entrance, while cashed-up incumbents watch closely from the sidelines. The ripples will span the entire industry. How will it impact you? Read More

  • LinkedIn And The Golden Age Of American Education Crunch Network

    LinkedIn And The Golden Age Of American Education

    A new book declaring the end of the golden age of economic growth has set the wonky world of economics aflame. Robert Gordon’s The Rise and Fall of American Growth juxtaposes the world-altering impact of 19th-century inventions with a disbelief that today’s digital transformation might foster growth on the same scale as refrigeration, aviation or the birth of telecommunication. Read More

  • CareerBuilder Expands To Southeast Asia With Purchase Of Singapore's Jobscentral

    Online career site operator CareerBuilder has acquired JobsCentral, one of Singapore’s largest job portals with over 700,000 registered jobseekers and a growing presence in Malaysia. With the acquisition, CareerBuilder enters the Southeast Asian market, expanding operations to a total of 21 countries worldwide, including the U.S., Europe, Canada and Asia. Read More

  • Indeed Slips Past Monster, Now Largest Job Site By Unique Visitors

    Indeed Slips Past Monster, Now Largest Job Site By Unique Visitors

    In October, Job search engine slipped past to become the largest job site in the U.S. According to comScore, 12.3 million people visited Indeed in October, up 19.6 percent. attracted 12.1 million people, and came in third with 11.3 million job seekers. It is still pretty close, with Indeed just barely edging out Monster. But this could… Read More

  • With 'youth' unemployment on the rise, PathMotion launches career-minded jobs site

    [UK] Does the UK really need another job hunting site? Apparently so, says PathMotion. The Paris-based startup is targeting students and young professionals in the UK with its mix of career guidance and job vacancies. And considering that ‘youth’ unemployment in Britain is worryingly high, the site’s launch looks well timed, although it’s curious that a French company… Read More

  • Indeed Now Gets The Most Pageviews For Job Searches In The U.S.

    With the unemployment rate still above 9 percent, a lot of people are hitting the job boards. One set of companies that are growing under these conditions, at least in terms of Website traffic, are the job search engines. But the one that seems to be growing the fastest is Indeed. In July, Monster’s job search engine was up 33 percent in U.S. pageviews, CareerBuilders’ was up… Read More

  • Hulu's Super Bowl Ad Comes With An Ad

    The Super Bowl is perhaps the one television event where people actually look forward to the ads because so much effort is put into each one. And every year, there are a handful of standouts. You can watch the ads plenty of places online, including on Hulu. You can even watch Hulu’s own Super Bowl ad on Hulu, which oddly enough is preceded by a regular Web video ad. That just seems… Read More

  • Online Job Hunt 10 Years Later – Still Sucks

    NYC-based, a niche search engine, has announced a partnership to power Mamma Careers. I’ll be the first to admit, this specific instance isn’t big news, but they are on a partnering spree, alongside their primary competitor, SimplyHired. SimplyHired powers MySpace Jobs, as well as LinkedIn Jobs (to name a couple). Both Indeed and SimplyHired are securing as many… Read More