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‘Captain America: Civil War’ mostly ignores the real world, and it’s all the better for it

I'll be honest: I was kind of nervous about this one. In the run-up to this weekend's release of Captain America: Civil War, I'd seen some fond recollections of the decade-old comic book (written b

New TV Trailer Round-Up: Transformers 3, Thor, Super 8, Captain America

<img src="" /> The <a href="">final game</a> of this year's NFL season is over, and here's the

Transformers 3, Thor, Spider Man 4 and Captain America movies get dated

<img src="" alt="" />Attention Nerds- I doubt you know this, but Paramount and DreamWorks have just dated the t

Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Captain America, Brad Pitt could be Thor

A few of us at CG (mainly me, Devin and Matt) have been pondering over who might play Captain America and Thor in the upcoming Marvel movies, but we haven’t come up with any prime candidates. Ac