capitalization table

Crypto is altering the investing landscape for even the most disciplined VCs

Is it hype, is it crypto, or is it both at the same time?

A founder’s guide to effectively managing your options pool

In today’s cash rich environment, options are more valuable than cash. Founders have many guides on how to raise money, but not enough has been written about how to protect your startup’s option p

Introducing the Open Cap Table Coalition

If this coalition gets all the relationships right, doesn’t get greedy and understands that there is a social good component here, this could be as impactful as the SAFE was.

6 considerations for managing your cap table

Founders start a company because they have an idea they want to bring to market. For a first-time founder, it can be overwhelming to develop a cap table and make all related decisions.

Capography Helps Entrepreneurs Manage Their Cap Table Without The Excel Headache

Being an entrepreneur and knowing how to do your startup's capitalization table require two different kinds of skills. <a target="_blank" href="">Capography</a> is a web app