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Cambridge SoundWorks Radio 820HD Review

HD Radio isn’t exactly spreading like wildfire. But if you’ve experienced it, you know it offers clearer sound and more channels than regular analog radio, and for nothin’ — ex

Cambridge SoundWorks Radio CD 745i Review

iPod clock radios are a dime a dozen, but renowned speaker maker Cambridge SoundWorks supercharged theirs with beefy sound and a built-in CD player. The all-in-one CSW Radio CD 745i has sophisticated

Cambridge SoundWorks Radio 820HD: HD Radio In All Its Splendor

HD Radio. Yeah, I’ve never listened to it either, but Cambridge SoundWorks apparently still has faith in it, what with its new Radio 820HD and all. It looks remarkably similar to its iPod dock&#

Cambridge Soundworks Radio CD 745i w/ iPod Support

Love your iPod but don’t want to invest in a dock because you’re still into FM radio and CDs? You might just want to peep the Radio CD 745i from Cambridge Soundworks. Equipped with a borin

Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock i For iPod Announced

Cambridge SoundWorks announced today that it’ll be releasing their new iPod Dock in January. The PlayDock i (gotta have that lowercase “i”, right?) looks and probably sounds a lot like Bose’s