Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock i For iPod Announced

Cambridge SoundWorks announced today that it’ll be releasing their new iPod Dock in January. The PlayDock i (gotta have that lowercase “i”, right?) looks and probably sounds a lot like Bose’s SoundDock for the iPod. It holds the iPod Nano, iPod Mini, 4G and 5G iPods and has a line-in connector in case you bought some other kind of portable music player.

The PlayDock i also has some other unique features like a headphone jack, the ability to run on AC or batteries, video out for your photos and videos, and a carrying handle. Hmm…batteries….a handle…could this be the 2007-version of the Ghettoblaster? Could Cambridge SoundWorks be preparing us for a new generation of Radio Raheems? Perhaps! You can snag on in retail stores and online for $200 come the new year.