• More Features Piling In The Minivan As Circle Of Moms Expands

    Parenting communities are becoming increasingly common on the web as mothers and fathers turn to social networks to share stories and elicit advice about raising children. Circle of Moms, a social network for yes, moms, is celebrating its year anniversary with steady growth numbers and a few new features. The site is what you’d expect from its name— a community that lets moms… Read More

  • With 850K Users In 2 Months, Circle Of Moms Comes Out Of Nowhere

    It may seem like the last thing the web needs is another parenting website, but you wouldn’t know that by the impressive growth the new website chalked up over the past couple of months. The site, launched in October 2008, has already grown to over 850,000 registered users. Seventy-five percent of the users are US-based. Read More