• The iPhone 5 Gets A Bumper It Can Be Proud Of Via New Kickstarter Campaign

    The iPhone 5 Gets A Bumper It Can Be Proud Of Via New Kickstarter Campaign

    The iPhone 5 delivered a lot of new things vs. its predecessors, but it also marked Apple exit from the bumper game; unlike with the iPhone 4 and 4S, Apple didn’t make a slim band exterior case for this device to protect its delicate edges. Apple’s oversight makes for opportunity for others, however, and the AL13 aluminum iPhone bumper (which comes in both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5… Read More

  • Apple Now Selling Universal Bumper For Both Verizon And AT&T, Antenna Issues Still Not Known

    One of the only exterior physical changes made for the Verizon iPhone was a slight relocation of the mute switch. In order to make the ‘new’ phone functional with the new bumper case, Apple simply cut a bit more out of the mute switch opening. How clever. We can only hope that the antenna issue is fixed and that Verizon customers won’t have to purchase iPhone LeBras Video… Read More

  • "Antennagate" bumpers starting to ship

    Good news iPhone 4 users; despite being being told that the free bumper (or case) wouldn’t be shipping for 3-5 weeks, word on the internet is that many people are starting to receive shipping notifications. So heads up if you’ve already ordered your free case or bumper, and a gentle reminder to go and do so if you haven’t already. Apparently this isn’t an isolated… Read More

  • Dirt continues to fly from under the Apple tree: Droid X is latest victim

    We all know that the iPhone 4 is a great device, but it makes calls about as good as BP can plug an oil well. Yeah, put on a case and it works better, or update the phone and see your “true” signal. We went through this last week; “it’s not just the iPhone 4, it’s every iPhone and every other mobile out there.” But does that explain the new dead zones we see? Read More