Have a Coke and blue screen of death

Just got this from a reader named Oswald in Katy, Texas. Apparently, Coke uses Windows in their vending machines. Oops!

Blue Screen of Death available in belt form

<img src="" />Behold the Blue Screen of Death belt! Is the Blue Screen of Death still hysterically funny to everybody? Whatever the case, i

Gallery of public blue screens of death

Week dragging on? Can’t wait until Friday? This soothing gallery of BSODs in public and unexpected places should ease your suffering. The funny thing is that although these can be taken as signa

Daddy, what is a BSOD?

Hello, children. Sit down please. There are three of you who didn’t get permission slips signed so you will have quiet study in the cafeteria. We’ll split you up into boys and girls and th

Presenting the BSOD Tattoo

I’m not sure why anyone would want to get this tattoo, but someone did. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for geeky tattoos (I’m considering a 20-sided die somewhere), but this is a

Apple Has A Sense Of Humor

Check out this image from Cupertino’s newest OS, Leopard. Looks like it popped up when the user tried to connect to a Windows share. Can you spot the funny? We can only imagine the stifled giggl


Couldn’t resist. Sorry. via Coverhunt

Spiderman Gets BSOD

Poor Spidey. All he wanted to do is use his computer in this Megabloks set. But unfortunately, when he went to open Word 98, he got the infamous blue screen of death. Perhaps if Spiderman had chosen a