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‘Ad Astra’ trailer pits Brad Pitt against his dad, Tommy Lee Jones —┬áin space

A new sci-fi movie called “Ad Astra” is heading to theaters on September 20, and it’s got some amazing star power behind it, including Brad Pitt in the lead role. It also brings Liv

Will Brad Pitt Star In Red Dead Redemption Movie?

<img src="" />Apparently someone is thinking about creating a movie based on <a HREF="

Japanese cell phone commercial: Brad Pitt plays disgruntled sumo champion's butler (video)

<img src="" /> Brad Pitt has been shooting TV commercials for Japan's third biggest cell phone carrier <a href="htt

Brad Pitt shoots pictures of naked girls in TV commercial

Brad Pitt is a huge star in Japan and has been getting millions and millions of dollars as a calling card for Softbank, one of Asia’s biggest telecommunications conglomerates, for years now. But