Brad Feld

Brad Feld: Don’t get too excited about all those “new” acquisitions by non-tech companies

It might be of particular interest to TC readers to know that from Brad Feld's perspective -- and he's been in the startup world for 30 years -- non-tech companies acquiring tech startups is neither a

Glowforge raises $22 million to popularize its 3-D laser printers, catalog of materials

Of all the ways to make a 3-dimensional object, 3D printing is still the freshest, whether what’s involved is plastic extrusion, milling away wood or metal, or the spinning of cells into functional

Tech Giants Sign Letter Against EU Laws To Hand Huge New Powers To ISPs

New European legislation which threatens net neutrality is set to go before the EU Parliament Tuesday. The EU is planning new rules it claims will ‘protect’ Net neutrality, but a leading legal exp

Selling News Feeds As A Service, Stream Raises $1.75M

Building off the strength of a successful open source project, a new startup that provides newsfeed development and management as a service -- Stream -- has raised $1.75 million in its first round of

Unshackled Is A New $3.5M Early Stage Fund That Looks A Lot Like An Accelerator

The idea of a startup studio, a hybrid between a VC fund and a coworking space and an accelerator, is becoming more and more popular. Today, yet another 'startup studio' is being announced by founders

India’s World Startup Report Is Released And The Future Of Technology Looks Bright For The Country

Wrapping your brain around technology trends here in the United States, or even just in Silicon Valley, is a chore. Figuring out the trends and who the major players are in an emerging market like Ind

Dumb Employers, Lucky Startups And An Untapped Reservoir

A group of women is re-entering the workforce today and reshaping how products are made across key tech sectors like health & wellness, commerce and social products. Not only do they have the expe

In The Belly Of The TechStars Beast. Have Seed Valuations Gone Insane? (TCTV)

<img src=""/> Earlier today, I dropped by the <a href="">TechStars NY</a> office to check out some of the sta

The Foundry Group's Brad Feld Launches Personal Groupon Clone

<img src="" alt="" />In what is definitely a contender for strangest news of the day, <a href="http://www.thefo

Fitness Tracker Fitbit Gains Another $8 Million

<img src="" />Fitness technology startup and TC 50 finalist <a href="">Fitbit</a> just raised $

The Top Ten VC Blogs (New And Improved)

<img src="" width="135" height="200" /> Every so often, venture capitalist Larry Cheng puts out a list of the top VC blogs. Pre