Boy Scouts

  • CrunchGov Essential: How The Internet Helped Gay America Come Out Of The Closet

    CrunchGov Essential: How The Internet Helped Gay America Come Out Of The Closet

    The U.S. has always included a sizable population of gay citizens. Without a way to coordinate their latent collective powers, discrimination and isolation forced them into the shadows. As the U.S.
    slowly inched its way toward tolerance, the Internet, as a soapbox for young liberals, became a
    powerful platform to expose otherwise oblivious Americans to their gay neighbors, backed by the full… Read More

  • Boy Scouts announce a Cub Scout video game belt loop, not merit badge

    Listen, I know it’s easy to make fun of Boy Scouts. I’ve heard my share of “Go build a birdhouse” jabs being an Eagle Scout myself, but let’s get this straight. The just-announced video game belt loop isn’t for Boy Scouts, it’s for elementary-aged Cub Scouts. So let’s take it down a notch or two, Internet. Read More

  • Boy Scouts now awarding geocaching badges

    Up until a few minutes ago, I had never heard of “geocaching.” One quick YouTube video later, and I’m all, “That sounds amazing.” If only I were 10 years old, then I could join the Boy Scouts and get my very own geocaching badge, the Scouts’ newest, most tech-y badge available. Read More

  • L.A. Boy Scouts Giving Copyrighted Material The Respect It Deserves

    OK, so I’m an Eagle Scout. I have a suspicion that at least a couple of our readers are, too. It is with that spirit that I am sad to write this story. The Boy Scout Council in Los Angeles has begun a new program to award Scouts a “Respect Copyrights” activity patch. Guess what it’s all about and who helped come up with the concept? According to the article… Read More