L.A. Boy Scouts Giving Copyrighted Material The Respect It Deserves

OK, so I’m an Eagle Scout. I have a suspicion that at least a couple of our readers are, too. It is with that spirit that I am sad to write this story. The Boy Scout Council in Los Angeles has begun a new program to award Scouts a “Respect Copyrights” activity patch. Guess what it’s all about and who helped come up with the concept?

According to the article, “The movie industry developed the curriculum as a way of emphasizing the ills of piracy to a generation that has grown up finding free music and video clips on the Internet.” The kids will learn to recognize copyrighted materials and how they can be stolen by all the bad men on the Interweb. They will also have to participate in one activity that shows how pirating can be harmful, one of the items suggested is visiting a film studio. Right. Because the Suits over at New Line aren’t going to be able to eat dinner at Spago tonight because I downloaded “Snakes On A Plane” the other day. This makes me sad on so many levels.

L.A. Boy Scouts new activity patch: ‘Respect Copyrights’ [Mercury News via Gizmodo