Nike just released its first shoe with an all-foam bottom

Nike just announced their first shoe with an all-foam sole powered by a new foam technology called React. The shoe is called the Nike Epic React Flyknit and is a running shoe, which will release on F

Lego targets pre-Mindstorms minds with its Boost educational kit

Boost is an impressive kit. The five on-board building experiences cover a lot of ground, from a robot to a guitar, to quasi Lego “3D printer” that’s more like an assembly line Rube Goldberg-sty

Is Virtual Reality Gaming Bound To Crash?

Techies of all varieties constantly look forward to the next great revolution. For video gamers, that revolution promises to be virtual reality. Countless new companies have emerged to research and de

Boost goes Android with the Motorola i1

<img src="" />Man, I just might switch to <a href="">Boost</a>. For $50 a month you get unlimited t

Sprint applies pressure, but still bled quite a bit in fourth quarter

<img src="" /> Over the past few years, Sprint has definitely given itself a facelift and now has excellent pricing plans

Target leaks Motorola i776, the ugliest handset ever created

So, pretend you’re Motorola’s handset division for a second. You’re constantly under fire from the vast majority of the blog-bearing internet for failing to create anything vaguely i


<img src=" (the Nextel side, see) via Boost (most likely), this larger-than-average handset features MP3 playback with stereo speakers,

Boost Asks "Where You at?" Loopt Answers

Boost Mobile, the hip-hop-themed pre-paid service from Sprint Nextel, has the tagline “Where you at?” This grammatically frightening phrase now has meaning, as Boost has partnered with Loo