Target leaks Motorola i776, the ugliest handset ever created

So, pretend you’re Motorola’s handset division for a second. You’re constantly under fire from the vast majority of the blog-bearing internet for failing to create anything vaguely interesting since 2003 1996. Your future existence relies on the success of two handsets. What do you do?

Apparently, you strive to create the ugliest handset the world has seen in a really, really long time. Target let some details slip on this monstrosity on the way for Boost Mobile (check it out yourself – just punch B001DE4BF2 into the search box), and we can only hope that the image shown is a gag placeholder. If the brown/silver/purple color scheme doesn’t have you drooling, the oh-so-chic ginormous external antenna surely will.

All we know about it so far is that it’s headed for Boost prepaid, its got GPS, and 3.5 hours of talk time. Oh, and that it’s really, really ugly.