Online Booking Platform BookingBug Raises Further $1M, Plans To Open Up Protocol To Developers

The UK startup <a target="_blank" href="">BookingBug</a>, which provides an online booking and reservation platform for businesses -- SMEs right up to larger enterprise outfi

Europe’s ‘Square’ iZettle Now Powers Mobile Payments In Third-Party Apps, Sees First Rollout Of API With BookingBug

<a target="_blank" href="">iZettle</a>, one of the many mobile payment companies vying for the title of the "Square of Europe," is taking one more step to cover the market ahead

BookingBug secures $350,000 Angel round to scale up

<img class="shot" title="bookingbug" src="" alt="" />Online booking and reservation system <a href="http://www.bookingb

Realtime booking platform BookingBug exits beta with partners and smart affiliate model

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Realtime Booking Site BookingBug Creates Smart Affiliate Model

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