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bdporter: Sony Music's roll-front cabinet with integrated Blu-ray player and projector

<img src="" /> Sony Music Japan has announced a pretty unusual product today, the so-called <a href="

Sharp rolls out inexpensive Blu-ray player that looks decent

<img src="" /> My guess is that Blu-ray players can't cost more than $100 in order to become products for the masses and

Oppo's BDP-83 megaplayer gets more detailed

We saw the Oppo DVD/Blu-Ray player at CEDIA in September, and it looked great then, but details were lacking. We’ve got a lot more information now, and this versatile media player and rescaler i

Sony Japan rolls out 8 new Blu-ray recorders/players with new upscaling technology

Sony Japan held a press conference today in Tokyo to unveil a total of 6 new Blu-ray recorders [JP] and 2 Blu-ray players [JP], which will become available in Nippon in the next few weeks (no word abo