• 34 More Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

    A few weeks ago we posted 9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Network, a review of several hosted, do-it-yourself white label social networking solutions. Conspicuously missing from that round-up were many additional companies that specialize in the creation of social networks. These companies were intentionally overlooked in the first post because we wanted to focus on self-service websites. In… Read More

  • Profile – Blogtronix

    Company: Blogtronix
    Launched: August 17, 2005
    Location: Oakland, CA (with offices in Colorado and Bulgaria) Overview: Corporations, even big corps, are starting to blog and otherwise interact directly with their customers. New startups are rushing to fill the blogging needs of these corporations.

    Blogtronix is the newest entrant in this space. Announced yesterday, Blogtronix is headquartered… Read More