Profile – Blogtronix

Company: Blogtronix
Launched: August 17, 2005
Location: Oakland, CA (with offices in Colorado and Bulgaria)


Corporations, even big corps, are starting to blog and otherwise interact directly with their customers. New startups are rushing to fill the blogging needs of these corporations.

is the newest entrant in this space. Announced yesterday, Blogtronix is headquartered in Oakland, CA, and has additional offices in Colorado and Bulgaria.

Blogtronix is a novel corporate blogging and business networking company, enabling businesses, universities, web portals and government agencies with secure on-demand services built on the Microsoft’s .NET platform. Blogtronix Corporate is the only corporate blogging system on the market to incorporate product blogging and rating for optimal marketing reach and customer feedback. Link

The service is young and the site is not fully functional yet, but there appears to be a real service here. Blogtronix offers:

  • secure corporate blogging
  • social networking
  • podcasting
  • videocasting
  • custom design
  • more

We’ll watch this one as it develops. We note, however, that criticism is already being throw their way. Roland Tanglao laments Blogtronix’s choice of the .NET platform over open source solutions:

Pure FUD. Perhaps Vassil doesn’t realize that 1000s of companies are happily using LAMP and other open source solutions for their blogging and business networking needs without fearing the integration bogeyman. In 1999, companies were wary of using open source, in 2005 it’s a no brainer.

I see Roland’s point, although a lot of companies out there love .NET and may embrace this solution simply because it will (hopefully) integrate seemlessly with their current IT platform. A boring, but secure, solution may be just what they want.


Vassil Mladjov, co-founder and ceo
George Athannassov, co-founder and business development
Bojidar Zashev, vp development
Hristo Serafimov, CTO
Dim Draganov, Software Architecture
Nik Dimitrov, Tech Project Manager
Ivan Popgruev, vp products development
Boyan Stanoev, legal counsellor