• Blackberry email down across most carriers

    Oh noes! BIS is down for nearly everyone in the States and Canada. It’s really just the email service. Web browsing, SMS, BlackBerry messenger, and phone calls are seemingly fine. We’ll keep you updated, but it seems like a good time to give your thumbs a rest. You’ll have to get back to work soon enough. [CrackBerry via Gizmodo] Update: RIM has confirmed the outage… Read More

  • T-Mobile BIS down in NYC everywhere? [Update 2]

    I haven’t been getting e-mails to my BlackBerry in the last couple hours and a quick survey on Twitter reveals a couple of other folks haven’t been getting their e-mails either. Friends not on Twitter have been complaining about it as well. What’s up, T-Mobile? Looks like folks on AT&T and Verizon haven’t been getting e-mails on their BlackBerrys as well. Update: I… Read More

  • Breaking: BlackBerry BIS is down

    Can’t get my e-mail. Looks like BIS is down. :( Read More

  • Leaked BIS plan for Sprint is super cheap

    If this doesn’t make Sprint the best CDMA network in the nation then I’m not sure what will other than the fantastic new phones they have coming. Pretty sure $30 is cheap for a BIS plan that includes unlimted BIS e-mail, IM, Web, Data and text messaging on top of the Sprint services. Yeah, it doesn’t include tethering, but that’s only an extra $15, which is still… Read More