• 2011: The Year We Say Goodbye to BIOS And Hello To UEFI

    Are we looking at the final days of BIOS? Apparently so, if we’re to believe the BBC. Its replacement, UEFI (which I’ve taken to pronounce like UEFA, as in the UEFA Champions League), will be found on more and more PCs beginning next year. For end-users that immediately means one thing: much faster boot times. Read More

  • Phoenix trims BIOS startup time down to about a second

    Gather ‘round, don’t be shy. Let’s all take a look at Windows 7 booting up in about ten seconds. How is this possible? Well, turn Aero off, strip out all the bloatware, and make sure you’re using an ultra fast solid state drive. That, and trim the BIOS start time down to a little over one second. Read More

  • BIOS fix for NVIDIA GPU problems may be other type of fix

    The NVIDIA faulty GPU fiasco is getting worse. In what was originally detailed as an isolated amount of faulty parts contained to some HP laptops, is starting to look like a much bigger problem. Now it is being said that all NVIDIA G84 AND G86 parts are bad, across multiple brand names, including, laptops, desktops and mobile devices. The thermal based problem reveals itself after going through… Read More