BIOS raises $4.5M to further develop its ‘neural interface’ and new ways to treat chronic medical conditions

BIOS, a neural engineering startup originally based out of Cambridge, U.K. and now with an additional newly opened R&D office in Montreal, Canada, has raised $4.5 million in seed funding. The comp

The Minifree Libreboot T400 is free as in freedom

The Libreboot T400 doesn’t look like much. It’s basically a refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad with the traditional Lenovo/IBM pointer nubbin and a small touchpad. It’s a plain black laptop

2011: The Year We Say Goodbye to BIOS And Hello To UEFI

<img src="" />Are we looking at the final days of BIOS? Apparently so, if we're to believe the BBC. Its replacement, UEFI (which I've tak

Phoenix trims BIOS startup time down to about a second

<img src="">Gather ‘round, don’t be shy. Let’s all take a look at Windows 7 booting up in about ten seconds. How is this possible? We

BIOS fix for NVIDIA GPU problems may be other type of fix

The NVIDIA faulty GPU fiasco is getting worse. In what was originally detailed as an isolated amount of faulty parts contained to some HP laptops, is starting to look like a much bigger problem. Now i