YC-backed Perlstein Lab continues their rare disease drug discovery

Perlstein Lab, or PLab as it is also known, continues to hone its automated drug discovery platform and presents its latest iteration Wednesday March 23rd at Y Combinator Demo Day. The platform they c

iHear Wants To Make Personalized Hearing Aids Available For Everyone

iHear wants to give people with hearing loss an affordable device that they can easily customize at home with a Web-based hearing test. The startup's goal is to ultimately make its hearing aids availa

Robotic Power Knee Now Available In US And Europe

<img src="" />Here you see the world's first and only <a href="

Research: Conducting Plastics Make Way For Many New Technology Advances

<img src="" />We futurists are still waiting for our roll-up TVs and cellphones. The concepts have looked pretty spectacular - who wo