Robotic Power Knee Now Available In US And Europe

Here you see the world’s first and only motorized prosthetic knee. The California-based company that makes the knee, Ossur, has just made the Power Knee available to above-knee amputees in Europe and the United States.

The Power Knee is a unique prosthetic with sensors and actuators, bound with artificial intelligence. The Power Knee moves naturally, but can also learn the user’s walking style. What users see is the Power Knee mimicking natural walking with much less effort than other prosthetics.

Ossur says:

Conventional prostheses require an amputee to consciously move them by directly engaging the anatomical structures of their remaining limb. In comparison, POWER KNEE is the first prosthetic knee designed to function as an integrated extension of its user, using battery-powered capabilities to address the lost muscle capability and asymmetrical movement often found in people with limb loss.

[via medgadget]