Klarna buys BillPay, the PayPal of Germany, for $75M from Wonga

Some chopping and changing is afoot in the world of payments in Europe. Today, Klarna, the startup out of Sweden that works with online merchants to enable flexible payment options, confirmed that it

E-Loan Specialist Wonga Buys BillPay, The PayPal Of Germany, To Move Deeper Into Payments

<a target="_blank" href="">Wonga</a> is a UK-based startup best known for its online payday loan services, but today the company made a move that could see it not only extending ac

Now At 10M Users, Check Lands $24M From Menlo To Become Your Go-To Mobile Money Manager

<a target="_blank" href="">Check</a>, the makers of a cross-platform mobile finance app that allows users to track their cash, bills, investments and credit cards and pay bills while