Lexion raises $4.2M to bring AI to contract management

Contract management isn’t exactly an exciting subject, but it’s a real pain point for many companies. It also lends itself to automation, thanks to recent advances in machine learning and

BillPin Acquires Obopay’s BillMonk Bill-Splitting Service

After some years of languishing, BillMonk’s service and user base will be taken over by a young Singapore startup, BillPin, which provides a similar bill-splitting service. Just over six months

Finnish Startup Scred Adds Another Way To Divvy Up Debts Between Friends

Today, at the Next Web conference, I met the founders of Scred, a Finnish startup that lets friends manage their their debts to each other. Scred is an application that makes it easy to split up tabs

Geezeo: Check Your Bank Account on the Go

Geezeo Mobile is the first in a suite of mobile financial applications aimed at the 18 – 35 and student demographic. The new application Geezeo Mobile lets you check you banking balance on the g

Billmonk Has A Half Brother

Social/mobile payments site Billmonk had a mini merger with competitor Obopay last month (we called it a “battle for relevance” since PayPal has a strong product offering in the mobile spa

MiniMerger: Obopay Aquires Billmonk

In a battle for relevance in the mobile payments space, mobile to mobile payment service Obopay has acquired social payment service Billmonk. Neither are disclosing the size of the acquisition, which

Nine Startups at E27 Summit

I attended the E27 Technology Conference today at Stanford University. Startups founded by entrepreneurs who are less than 27 years old were eligible to present. With a couple of exceptions these comp

BillMonk – Social Money

BillMonk is a new service that allows people to easily keep track of financial debts among friends. It’s a simple idea and they’ve executed well. The idea is a user who wants to report a d