TikTok and Billboard team up to launch a top 50 song chart

TikTok and Billboard are partnering to launch an official TikTok Billboard Top 50 Chart that tracks the most popular songs on the short-form video-sharing app, the company announced today. The chart w

Apple Music is using Shazam to solve the streaming industry’s problem with DJ mixes

Apple Music announced today that it’s created a process to properly identify and compensate all of the individual creators involved in making a DJ mix. Using technology from the audio-recognitio

Twitter Partners With Billboard To Help Expand The Reach Of Music Conversations

Twitter has announced one part of its new music strategy today, with a Billboard partnership that will result in the new ‘Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart.’ The new tool will follow real-

Taylor Swift Doesn’t Want Me To Listen To Her New Album On Spotify. Not So Swift.

I love streaming music and I'm an avid user of Spotify for this purpose. I was pretty delighted when I saw that Taylor Swift's new album "Red" was available for listening when I opened up the app. I l

California license plates may go digital, turn into billboards

<img src="" />Just when you think that there's no way you could have any more distractions while driving, California comes up with y

Billboard Hopes Its API Will Be A Cornerstone For Music Mashups

<img src="" width="190" height="57" />Earlier today came news that <a href="">Billboard</a>, the well known mus

Ricoh plans to erect a "green" billboard in New York's Times Square

Ricoh Japan is planning to set up a  billboard powered by natural energy in New York City’s Times Square in December. The sign will be equipped with 45 solar cell panels and four wind power tur

Mini Motorby Billboard Displays Your Name

Whether you like Mini Coopers or not, you gotta give some credit to Mini for coming up with an idea like this. Certain tolls in cities where RFID passes are used (EZPass in NJ/NY) have an electronic b