Stanford’s Doggo quadrupedal robot and siblings Pupper and Woofer are coming to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI

Animal-like, four-legged robots have been a crowd-pleaser since Boston Dynamics’ BigDog, and Stanford’s Doggo shows how the technology can be made open source, accessible and educational.

Boston Dynamics Founder Marc Raibert and the SpotMini robot will be joining us at Disrupt

In an age dominated by short attention spans, Boston Dynamics has managed to capture our imaginations time and again through sometimes frightening, sometimes adorable and always fascinating robots. Bu

Video: AlphaDog Is A Bigger, Faster, Quieter BigDog

I'm sure all of you remember <a href="">BigDog</a>, the utterly terrifying biomimetic <a href="https:/

PETMAN robot walks like a human

If that BigDog robot from Boston Dynamics didn’t amaze and/or horrify you, maybe its human-like big brother “PETMAN” will catch your attention.

Video: The wild longhorn BigDog

<img src="" />With this latest advance in biomimetic weaponry, BigDog will truly be striking fear into the hearts of America's enemies. Wh

Video: More BigDog

<img src="" />Remember <a href="

"LittleDog," the pint-sized alternative to the BigDog

BigDog, the unbelievably creepy/impressive mule-bot from Boston Dynamics, made a bit of a splash earlier this week. But people seem to have forgotten its modest younger brother, the LittleDog. Unlike

BigDog Robot: Imagine this thing coming at you through the woods

Good lord. If you want to see the future of warfare and fear, this is it. This is the BigDog quadraped robot designed by Boston Dynamics for DARPA and can climb over rubble, walk through snow, and eve