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  • Big Frame: The MCN That Highly Curates Its Talent

    How YouTube Network Big Frame Focuses On Big Stars With Four Vertical Brands

    Some YouTube networks focus on specific vertical interests — like gaming at Machinima or food at Tastemade. And some try to add a technology layer to the business, like ZEFR or Fullscreen. But at Big Frame, it’s all about the talent and nurturing four specific vertical segments, helping creators to collaborate and build their audiences together. Read More

  • The New Hollywood: Touring Digital Studios of Los Angeles

    Get Ready For TechCrunch TV’s Tour Of The New Hollywood, Starting Next Week

    Over the last several years, we’ve seen a new group of digital media companies emerge in Los Angeles, driven by the growth of YouTube as a platform for distribution of video content. On Mondays and Wednesdays, we’ll have a series of videos showing off all the best from the new L.A. digital media companies to show what each has to offer and what creators can expect when they sign up. Read More

  • The Art And Science Of YouTube Networks

    The Art And Science Of YouTube Networks

    Over the last several years, we’ve seen a growing proliferation of multichannel networks (MCNs) pop up on YouTube, all of which are seeking to aggregate channels and audience in an effort to boost viewership and better monetize the videos that creators make. While the end goal — more viewers, more money — is the same for each of them, how they get to that place can differ… Read More