How YouTube Network Big Frame Focuses On Big Stars With Four Vertical Brands

Some YouTube networks focus on specific vertical interests — like gaming at Machinima or food at Tastemade. And some try to add a technology layer to the business, like ZEFR or Fullscreen. But at Big Frame, it’s all about the talent and nurturing four specific vertical segments, helping creators to collaborate and build their audiences together.

Since being founded, Big Frame has signed some big-name YouTube channels, including Mystery Guitar Man, Life According To Jimmy, Tyler Oakley, DeStorm Power, Tay Zonday, and Laina. It’s also gathered talent together under four vertical channels — there’s Wonderly, its network for innovative female creators; Polished, which is a fashion-lifestyle vertical; Outlandish, which is Big Frame’s LGBT vertical; and ForeFront, its urban channel.

The company wants to help YouTubers grow their audiences, give them best practices for production quality and the types of videos they should make. The company also helps them monetize by connecting them with advertisers for branded integration deals. And, for some of their bigger channels, Big Frame also directly manages the talent. For Big Frame, the company is looking for quality over quantity when evaluating which creators to have as part of the network.

Check out our video interview with co-founder Sarah Penna to learn more about Big Frame. And then compare that with all the other videos we’ve done with other new media companies as part of our tour of YouTube’s new video ecosystem, every Monday and Wednesday over the next few weeks. Here are all the videos we’ve released so far:

Here are the videos we’ve released so far: