Ben Heck Show Airs, Is Geek-tastic

<img src="" />The king of all modders, Ben Heckendorn has his own online tv show. You might remember Ben from his Xbox 360 mods, or whe

Benheck's PS3 Slim laptop has blast processing

<img src="" />Well well well, look what <a HREF="">Benheck</a> has come up with. It's a PS3

Handheld PS3 device for fanbois to cuddle at night

<img src="" />So here's a somewhat interesting gadget. Instead of converting a PS3 into a hand-held device, a crafty modder named techk

Video: Benheck's Xbox 360 Portable Revision 5

<img src="">Ben Heckendorn is no doubt one of the greatest computer modders of our time. Doug just <a href="

Ben Heckendorn finishes second version of C64 laptop, will be auctioned for charity

<img src="" alt="C64" />Modder extraordinaire, Ben Heckendorn has just finished version 2 of his Commodore 64 laptop. This one will be aucti

C64 in a laptop case: Benheck has outdone himself

<img src=""> <a HREF="">Mr. Benheck</a> has done it again. He dump

BenHeck's 3600 Controller: Part Xbox 360, part Atari 2600

<img src="" /> Benjamin J. Heckendorn—that's BenHeck—transplanted the brains of an Xbox 360 controller into an Atari 26

BenHeck's one-handed Xbox 360 controller

[photopress:benheck36000.jpg,full,right] World class modder Benjamin J. Heckendorn—BenHeck—has “dropped” a new Xbox 360 controller mod for us all to admire. It’s a one-ha