Ben Heckendorn finishes second version of C64 laptop, will be auctioned for charity


Modder extraordinaire, Ben Heckendorn (see our interview) has just finished version 2 of his Commodore 64 laptop. This one will be auctioned for charity and features an SD card reader for loading up various software (games!).

Per Ben:

It is very similar to the first C64 laptop I built, with the key difference being it uses the newer 1541-III Ultimate SD-card based storage solution / disk emulator. USB and Ethernet ports for this device are open and available on the front of the unit.

Other features include dedicated 1541 menu buttons, dual joystick ports, and an original Commodore 64 keyboard.

You won’t be able to buy one unless you bid in the upcoming charity auction for this item. Proceeds will go to benefit the American Cancer Society. No details about the actual auction yet, unfortunately.

Commodore 64 Original Hardware Laptop Revision 2 For Charity! []