As investors focus more on profitability, product-led startups may be sitting pretty

The consensus is that now is a good time for the type of lean growth that product-led growth (PLG) can achieve.

Forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 Benchmarks Leak

The latest leaks purporting to detail the S7 are benchmark scores for the single core and multi core variants of the phone.

Galaxy Note 3 Benchmark Boosts Miss The Point That No One Cares About Benchmarks

Samsung is being called out by the highly respected and thorough Ars Technica for apparently "artificially" boosting the Galaxy Note 3's performance specifically when it comes to benchmark testing. T

MacBook Air Benchmarks: Fast Enough For Everyday Use, But The Slow Processor Does Hurt Performance

<img src="" />You know, it's one thing to use subjective and entirely unscientific terms like “feels” or “seems” when it comes to

3DMark releases DirectX 11 demo

Have you ever wondered how they rate gaming laptops and desktops? Well, aside from a bunch of hand-waving and pseudo-intellectual discussion, most hardware reviewers depend on a few important benchmar

The Raon ‘EVERUN NOTE’ looks to be pretty powerful

Remember the Raon EVERUN NOTE from yesterday? Turns out that it’s got a little bit of punch under that tiny hood. Raon opted to go with a 64-bit dual-core AMD Turion chip instead of, say, a more mob

New entry level MacBook slower than last year's model

[photopress:gbcmb.jpg,full,center] I remember when the G5 processor came out a few years ago. After the initial hype died down, people realized that it only had L2 cache whereas the G4 it was replacin

Mossburg: MacBook Air's SSD option isn't worth the price

We all like the MacBook Air. Well, most of us. I don’t. But if you’re thinking of getting one, and waffling between the HDD and SSD drives, go with the HDD. And don’t take my word fo

Benchmarks: MacBook Air hard drive vs. solid state

[photopress:2199168271_639147cd5d.jpg,full,center] From this guy’s Flickr The MacBook Air is finding its way into wanting hands and some early benchmarks have been tallied. There’s two mai

Latest MacBook shows 15 percent jump in memory performance

Calling last week’s MacBook update merely a “speed bump” may be accurate to the letter, but it doesn’t faithfully describe the spirit of the upgrade. Primate Labs, which makes

Leopard First Impressions Published, Quashed

The lucky devils who got a dev version of OS X Leopard posted some tidbits and were quickly DESTROYED by legions of Apple lawyers. They are now circling the planet in a Kryptonian Phantom Zone but the