• BeenVerified Takes Background Checks Mobile With A New Android App And An iOS Rerelease

    Background checks are now fully mobile, thanks BeenVerified‘s new app for Android and the re-release of the app on iOS. The Background Check App does exactly as you might expect: It pulls data from BeenVerified’s site and allows you to check up on the people you know through name queries or email addresses. Users can check up on their contacts with one click, allowing you to see… Read More

  • Background Checks For All With BeenVerified's iPhone App

    Back in September, we wrote about a new iPhone app that would allow you to run a background check on a new lover. It’s mildly creepy, but also kind of interesting. Unfortunately, that app, DateCheck, also charged an arm and a leg to run the checks. A new one gives you some background checking ability for free. The aptly named Background Check App does exactly what it says: Using data… Read More