• Panasonic Announces World's First Rewritable 100GB BDXL Disc

    In July last year, Sharp showed the world’s first triple-layer BDXL discs with 100GB capacity. While the discs were great (and enough to store about 720 minutes of terrestrial digital broadcasting), they weren’t rewritable. But the LM-BE100J BDXL Blu-rays, announced [JP] by Panasonic today, are. Read More

  • Panasonic Announces More Affordable BDXL Blu-ray Recorder

    In case you always wanted to get one of those Blu-ray recorders that allow you to store up to 100GB of content on a single BDXL disc but were put off by the high prices for these devices so far, Panasonic might have announced [JP] the right device for you today. Apart from the BDXL compatibility, the DMR-BR585 also offers a built-in 320GB HDD. Read More

  • Pioneer And Buffalo Show World's First BDXL-compatible PC Blu-Ray Burners

    BDXL is now entering the computer market, too. Pioneer Japan today announced [JP] the BDR-206MBK, the world’s first Blu-ray burner for PCs supporting the new format. The internal device is compatible to BD-R XL discs with three (100GB) or four layers (128GB) and BD-RE XL discs with 3 layers (100GB). Read More

  • BD-AV70: Sharp's Blu-ray Recorder Is 35mm Thin, Plays 3D Blu-rays

    Sharp has announced [JP] the BD-AV70 for the Japanese market today, a Blu-ray recorder that stands out with a number of features. Perhaps most importantly, the device is just 35mm thin, which makes it the thinnest out there, according to Sharp. Read More

  • Panasonic Outs BDXL- and 3D Compatible DVRs

    Having those BDXL Blu-rays with 100GB capacity is nice, but they’re useless with all Blu-ray recorders that are currently on the market (with one exception in case of the Japanese market). That’s why Panasonic Japan yesterday announced [JP] a total of six new DVRs that come with HDDs and Blu-ray recorders on board that actually support the new format (and three of the devices are… Read More

  • TDK second company to announce 100GB Blu-ray discs

    Following Sharp last week, TDK is the second company that announces [JP] Blu-ray discs with 100GB capacity. The discs are compatible to the new BDXL format, allowing you to store 33.4GB on each of their three layers (conventional Blu-ray hold 50GB max.). Read More

  • Sharp Blu-ray recorders support quadruple-layer discs with 128GB capacity

    The 100GB BDXL Blu-rays Sharp unveiled today are nice and all, but they’re useless with all Blu-ray recorders that are currently on the market. That’s why Sharp Japan also announced [press release in English] not one but two new Blu-ray recorders (the BD-HDW700/pictured and BD-HDW70) that will actually support the BDXL format. Read More