Battlefield 200

Inside Startup Battlefield: Getting to know the Battlefield 200

Welcome back to Inside Startup Battlefield, the TechCrunch podcast where we take you behind the scenes of one of tech’s top startup competitions. There are 180 companies solving crucial problems th

Hidden Door wants to turn fiction into immersive role-playing experiences

The first season of “House of Dragon” just ended, and I find myself wishing for more. I’ve seen each episode twice already, read through the lore and even re-watched some “Game

Skidattl’s augmented reality beacons are ‘like a Bat-Signal for fun’

Skidattl wants to use augmented reality to get people to engage with the real world. It’s a story we’ve heard before from AR companies, particularly as they pit themselves against the pote

Pantheon Design alleviates supply chain uncertainty with factory-grade 3D printing

In the midst of the pandemic, Pantheon Design, a maker of industrial 3D printers from Vancouver, BC, suddenly found itself getting orders from factories in the Midwest, the center of heavy industries.

Maro’s new app looks to help schools screen kids for depression and anxiety

Maro has developed a platform that helps families and schools navigate tough conversations about mental health. The company, which exhibited as part of the Battlefield 200 at TechCrunch Disrupt, launc

Jasper’s robots assemble fresh meals for nearby apartment dwellers

After attempting to sell its tech to large food service companies, cooking automation startup Jasper has shifted to direct-to-consumer. In a recent conversation, CEO Gunnar Grass told TechCrunch about

Aidar Health aims to provide physicians with consistent patient vitals

Sathya Elumalai was finding it hard to manage his mother’s health after she was diagnosed with four chronic conditions. Rather than guess her health status for the day, he decided to co-found Ai

How Zette plans to let people access paywalled news with a single monthly subscription

A new startup wants to help online media outlets make money by making it easier for consumers to access paywalled content without being locked in to multiple subscriptions. Demoing as part of the Batt

Suma Wealth helps Latinos build credit through gaming, in-culture content

Suma Wealth offers in-culture financial content, products and experiences so they can gain control of their economic power and build wealth.

Pillar of the community: How Talkbase plans to power user-led growth for any company

A new startup is setting out to help companies build and harness communities around their products, enabling them to side-step multiple disparate tools and manage everything in a single platform. Foun

Uils wants to lend LatAm’s rideshare drivers cash based on their driving record

When Uils launched in 2021, it was a car rental service for rideshare drivers. But after the founders realized that many rideshare drivers don’t have access to credit, particularly in Latin Amer

As healthcare goes remote, Equipt Health brings medical hardware to the home

It’s no secret the pandemic has pushed healthcare to become virtual, in theory making it easier for patients to attend appointments and access the care they need. But Rebecca Weisinger, CEO and co-f

Handoff is creating a more equitable workforce through job sharing

Many qualified workers are failed by the current model of work in the United States, where jobs are either part time or full time. Working 40 set hours a week is difficult for people like caregivers,

Ambr wants to solve the billion-dollar burnout problem by tracking employees’ working habits

Worker burnout is real. Reports suggest that work-related chronic stress could be costing businesses up to $190 billion annually in reduced output and sick days, not to mention the much-discussed &#82

Katakem’s ‘robot chef’ speeds up drug development with reliable chemistry

Organic chemist Manuela Oliverio was working on a new drug when he noticed that test results on mice weren’t consistent, because the molecule being administered was always different depending on

Want to know how a dress looks on you? AIMIRR has your back … and front

AIMIRR has real-time garment rendering technology that overlays images of clothing on a live video of the individual.

Kudos raises $7M to recommend the right credit card for shopping rewards

Kudos' digital wallet calculates the rewards and benefits for each purchase and recommends the right card, which could be a store card and then helps you apply for it.

Date night? Relationship app Sparks wants to help you plan a lovely evening

There’s an abundance of dating apps on the market, but there aren’t many apps that aim to keep the spark alive after you enter a relationship. Enter Sparks, an app catering to existing cou

Theneo wants to bring Stripe-like API documentation to all developers

A new company is taking a leaf out of Stripe’s API playbook with a platform that makes it easy for any company to create clear API documentation, while also allowing non-technical team members t

RIF Robotics powers robots that inspect and organize surgical equipment

Several years ago, Kevin DeMarco’s aunt was an operating room nurse who asked DeMarco — knowing that he programmed robots for a living — if there was a robot that could prepare surgi
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